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Why Continuing Training Matters to the Experienced Salesperson

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Training doesn't end with onboarding. Learn how continued training helps with retention and sales volume.

As the market changes and grows ever more competitive, companies need to empower their employees to focus on increasing skill sets and to stay ahead of the curve.

For the majority of sales professionals, 84% initial sales training is forgotten within 3 months, so continuous training is important to keep learning fresh and boost a company’s overall performance. (Spotio)

Companies generally spend an average of $10,000 to $15,000 to hire one employee but will only shell out $2,000 in sales training per year. Over 25% of sales reps are disappointed in their training programs, which can ultimately affect retention. (Uplead) Doesn’t it make sense to dedicate more resources to training if it can mean retaining satisfied employees, and avoiding those hiring costs?

And then there’s the increase in sales. One study shows that continuous training is said to result in 50% higher net sales per sales rep.
(The Brevet Group) while another points out that companies that invest in training are 57% more effective at sales than their competitors. (Task Drive)

In short, long-time employees should not neglect their training, learning and development. Up provides ongoing training resources and materials to make the sales training process effortless and effective.

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